Never-before-released recordings of Friedman, Hayek, Thatcher and Reagan are the more respectable of the highlights from Ron Manners’ archives

Ron Manners is digitising his archives and granting free access. This page gives an introductory tour:

Audio and transcripts
1. Ron Manners, “What Can We Do?,” Taxpayers United Kalgoorlie Tax Summit, June 12, 1985. (24 minutes)
2. Ron Manners talks on Consumer Protection to Progress Party Perth, June 20, 1980. (37 minutes, plus bonus illegal recording)
3. Viv Forbes on libertarian strategy, September 7, 1978. (6mins)
4. Leonard Read’s breakfast seminar for his Australian friends, September 7, 1978. (47 minutes)
5. Ron Manners: Tax Rebel from the West, 1977, radio interview. (19 minutes)
6. F.A. Hayek Australian interview on freedom, the marketplace, the individual and the state, October 11, 1976. (50 minutes)
7. Ron Manners, “Why the Workers Party?,” 1975. (30 minutes)
8. Anarcho-capitalism or limited government? Roy Childs debates Jeffery St. John, 1971. Rothbard speaks @40mins40secs. (1hr)
9. Chicago Economics vs Austrian Economics, Murray Rothbard, 1971. (1hr)

Video and transcripts
1. Milton Friedman in 1975 on inflation, unemployment and more on Australian TV show Monday Conference. (1hr)
2. Margaret Thatcher in 1996 in New York at the Golden Jubilee of the Foundation for Economic Education. (37 minutes)

Recent videos
Here are some collections of videos from Ron’s recent travels, starring movers and shakers of the libertarian movement
In Conversation video series
Free Market Roadshow – Greece and Hungary, 2015
Sightseeing, for those who don’t like the speeches so much.

Ron’s books now free online

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