Governor Ronald Reagan: “The people will run government — or government will run the people”

In his address to the Institute of Directors in Sydney, California’s ex-film star Governor pleaded for all to fight for freedom in the market-place and resist bureaucratic interference.

Introduction to Governor Reagan’s address
by Sir Robert Crichton-Brown

Many of you may recall the outstanding speech the Honourable Ronald Reagan made to the annual conference of the Institute of Directors in London in 1969 when he received a standing ovation.

Governor Reagan, whose face and name are well known to most of us, began his career as a radio sports announcer before moving into films in 1937. His film career was partly disrupted by World War II when he served in the US Army Air Force, rising to the rank of captain. After the war, he continued in films but became progressively preoccupied with television.

In all, he appeared in some 50 feature films and two television series. In 1965, he directed his energies to politics, in which he had always taken a keen interest, and in the following year, as Republican candidate, won election as Governor of California by a wide margin.

He took office in January 1967 for a four year term, had the happy experience of finding that he was even more popular in office and was elected for a second term.

Governor Reagan is in Australia as part of a tour to several countries in South-East Asia as a Special Presidential Representative for the promotion of US Exports.

This is the “substance of an address by Governor Ronald Reagan to the Institute luncheon on November 26 1973”, as described and published in The Australian Director: The Journal of the Institute of Directors in Australia, vol 4, no 1, February 1974, pp. 12-20:

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