Planning your own corporate funeral

WA Mining Club
Annual Dinner
Friday October 20, 1995
by Ron Manners

Your President, John Barton’s instructions for tonight’s talk were very precise:

  • Speak no longer than 20 minutes
  • Wear a black tie
  • Tell us you how “mucked up” when you set out to design yourself a career change, and you found instead that nothing much has really changed.

So following these instructions, these notes were made in-flight, from Vancouver a few days ago. It is just really me talking out loud to a bunch of people who may be faced with a similar dilemma at some stage; when they feel the need for some succession planning to make their company less dependent on one person. Continue reading Planning your own corporate funeral

Introduction to Objectivist Philosophy

Cassette cover text: Why this tape?
1. Because it presents an alternative to various failed Socialist programs so far in Australia.
2. Because I am concerned enough to do something about it.
3. Because I am programmed for survival.
Ron Manners 1975


Transcript: Continue reading Introduction to Objectivist Philosophy

1974 John Whiting speech

The following is part of the text of a talk given by Dr John Whiting to members of the Liberal Movement in South Australia on the 18th September 1974. (Dr John Whiting is chairman of the Movement for Limited Government.)

We are not living under normal conditions. This country is critically ill, and in an almighty mess — large numbers of young people taking to drugs; at a conservative estimate, some 25% of all adults showing some definite neurotic tendencies; mediocrity the order of the day; shortages of goods; incentives for brains, drive, skill and hard work virtually non-existent; strikes a daily occurrence; one man in four of the working population a bureaucrat probably producing nothing; government controls on the increase — individual liberty on the decrease; universities havens for academics who are often incapable of thinking rationally, so that many responsible parents are having grave anxieties about sending their children to these propaganda factories; taxation gone mad with incentive-destroying company tax, crippling provisional and progressive personal taxes, preposterous probate taxes and sales taxes like a bad dream — anything up to 50 separate taxes before the farmer’s wheat ends up on your table as a loaf of bread; inflation running wild; economic chaos looming; and political ignorance and apathy of an unbelievable degree. Continue reading 1974 John Whiting speech

Anarcho-capitalism or limited government? Roy Childs debates Jeffery St. John


This debate at the Spring 1971 Libertarianism Conference at Columbia University arose out of Child’s “Open Letter to Ayn Rand” in which he attacked the concept of limited government and advocated anarcho-capitalism. Jeffery St. John defends the Objectivist view favouring limited government in this lively and informative exchange. The Q&A session at the end includes a question by Murray Rothbard (@40mins40secs).

Adjudicator: Jeffrey St. John is a news commentator and journalist. He’s a columnist also. He does commentary for the CBS Spectrum series, he’s also the host of his own radio show on Sunday afternoons from 12 to 3, WMCA 570, which is Sunday with St. John. Continue reading Anarcho-capitalism or limited government? Roy Childs debates Jeffery St. John