Ron Manners sees union as a serious sport

Ron Manners, “Justice” column,
Free Market, November 1979, pp. 32-33.

Here’s an undercover recording of part of Ron’s court appearance discussed in this artice (this recording was marked on a cassette as “UNION CASE #2” so maybe there are additional clips on other cassettes):

May 2, 1979 in Kalgoorlie, started like any ordinary day. The phone at home rang at 4.00am. As the caller explained, “I know Kalgoorlie has 2 or 3 hours time difference on Sydney, not sure which way, so thought I would catch you before you go to lunch.”

Later at the office, two of our three girls were off sick and the remaining one, my secretary, was coping with their phone calls as well as aiding my departure to Perth, by lunchtime.

In walked a union heavy and demanded of my secretary, “I have come to inspect the books.” Continue reading Ron Manners sees union as a serious sport