Milton Friedman on 1975 Australian TV

Milton Friedman was brought to Australia in April, 1975, by Constable & Bain, members of the Sydney Stock Exchange. This was Professor Friedman’s first visit to Australia and was intended to heighten public awareness of the dangers of inflation and to point to possible cures consistent with the maintenance of individual liberty and free enterprise.

During his stay in Australia, Professor Friedman addressed gatherings in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, and held discussions with Reserve Bank and Treasury officials, government and opposition party members, business and academic leaders, as well as appearing on nationwide TV. Here is video and transcript of his hour-long TV appearance, broadcast on April 14, 1975, thanks to a recording from Ron Manners’ library.


Professor Milton Friedman is on a brief visit to Australia. During his days with us, he’s already done a great deal to shake up our thinking about inflation, unemployment and the general economic future ahead of us. Continue reading Milton Friedman on 1975 Australian TV

Murray Rothbard: Chicago Economics versus Austrian Economics (1971)


(The following 8000+ word transcript was difficult to make due to recording quality, tape deterioration and Rothbard’s speed. It is still a work in progress. The Mises Institute have an even more deteriorated recording and have put it online without transcribing. When I have time I plan to cross-check their recording with the one above from Ron’s library.) Continue reading Murray Rothbard: Chicago Economics versus Austrian Economics (1971)