Ron Turns 80! Videos, photos and more

Ron survives his 80th Birthday, January 8th, 2016!

Enjoyed by a small group of family and friends on a warm Perth Friday afternoon, at the Perth Mint.

The theme was FIVE! (You will have to watch video 2 of Ron’s speech to fully understand the “theme of five”.)

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Remaining Sane in an Insane World

Don’t judge the world
just by today’s headlines.
The mob rarely gets it right,
so who will guide you through?

It could be a rough journey
on your own.
Sanity preserved
by just a few.

They may never ever meet each other,
although each with
a strong link,
just to you. Continue reading Remaining Sane in an Insane World

Festive Reflections on Entering the New Decade

Ron Manners, “Festive Reflections on Entering the New Decade,” Mannerisms, December 1, 2010, copied from

During my recent travels,
(I’m always on the go),
I heard an old time saying
remembered from years ago.

My dear old Grandma
muttered it to me one day,
at the time, most probably,
I was getting in her way — Continue reading Festive Reflections on Entering the New Decade

Learn from the trees

Ron Manners, “Learn from the trees,” Mannerisms, December 18, 2006, copied from

Much of a muchness
you might say —

one tree’s like another
in a generic kind of way —

Could be true in some countries,
in Australia, not the case,
each of our famous gum trees
can show us a unique face — Continue reading Learn from the trees

A Different Vision

Ron Manners, “A Different Vision,” On Liberty: Australia’s newsletter for advocates of civil and economic liberty, incorporating Optimism magazine, vol. 1, November 1979, p. 20 [of vol., which is p. 1 of Nov. edition].

I read some verse by Darlene Bridge,
About the government our protector.
Politicians and bureaucratic fat-cats,
And regulators from the public sector. Continue reading A Different Vision