Hungary & Australia, learning from each other

  • Democracy is meant to be choosing someone you trust to be a good person, not someone you trust to give you special privileges.
  • Australia can learn from flat tax.
  • Welfare and unemployment are growth areas in Australia.
  • Impressed with Barbara Kolm’s roadshow, but what can we as citizens do?
  • Our politicians don’t understand economics.
  • We can’t predict which Party a¬†good politician will be a member of.
  • Plug for Mannkal’s Project Western Australia.
  • Be ready to fire intellectual bullets whenever you have the opportunity.

Planning your own corporate funeral

WA Mining Club
Annual Dinner
Friday October 20, 1995
by Ron Manners

Your President, John Barton’s instructions for tonight’s talk were very precise:

  • Speak no longer than 20 minutes
  • Wear a black tie
  • Tell us you how “mucked up” when you set out to design yourself a career change, and you found instead that nothing much has really changed.

So following these instructions, these notes were made in-flight, from Vancouver a few days ago. It is just really me talking out loud to a bunch of people who may be faced with a similar dilemma at some stage; when they feel the need for some succession planning to make their company less dependent on one person. Continue reading Planning your own corporate funeral

Barnacles on the backside of progress

Address by Ron Manners to Seminar
“Kalgoorlie the next 100 years”
Kalgoorlie, October 24, 1990

Well here we are in Australia, in Kalgoorlie, trying to explore, to mine, to produce, to service and to create employment and opportunities for those around us.

With an industry that we can be proud of as a productive export-earning group of people working hard at overcoming many of the nations problems, you would think that we would be given red carpet treatment. Continue reading Barnacles on the backside of progress

Ron Manners talks about and to Consumer Protectionistas

Ron Manners talks on Consumer Protection to Progress Party Perth. 20/6/1980. Scroll to the end of the transcript below for the concealed tape recording days later on the same issues.

Here’s the transcript of the above talk: Continue reading Ron Manners talks about and to Consumer Protectionistas