Leon Louw interviewed by Mannkal scholar Jerome Leray

Leon Louw in conversation with Jerome Leray at the World Conference on Market Liberalization, Bali, Indonesia, June 29-July 3, 2015.

  • First 10 minutes is about inequality, poverty and Thomas Piketty.
  • Then for six minutes about catastrophism, the rustle in the grass hypothesis, Paul Ehrlich, global warming, climate change and big government. Also ridicules Piketty further.
  • At 16 minutes talks about Leon Louw’s gradual seven year journey to libertarianism and his concern for the poor.
  • At 23 minutes Leray asks what advice Louw would give Louw’s 20-year-old self.
  • At 25 minutes Leray asks what Louw would recommend young scholars explore: the internet, cryptocurrencies, etc. He recommends young people do public speaking, networking, join civil societies, even join trade unions. Criticise government policies by saying that they will be counterproductive. Be nice.
  • Best way to contact Leon Louw: through the The Free Market Foundation website, which has many resources for free-marketeers. Aerial bombardment and trench warfare are strategies used by the Free Market Foundation.

Andrew Humphries – Lighting the World

Andrew Humphries talks with Ron Manners at the World Conference on Market Liberalization, Bali, Indonesia, June 29-July 3, 2015.

Here’s Leonard E. Read’s How to Advance Liberty, which Humphries gives a big plug to in his conversation with Ron:

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Other formats for How to Advance Liberty:

Linda Whetstone in conversation with Ron Manners

Ron Manners talks with Linda Whetstone, who so many other young people go to for information and advice. Sussex, UK, May 26, 2014.

  • One of the many organisations discussed in the video is the Network for a Free Society.
  • At about 20 minutes in, the interview then cuts to Ron’s recording of Linda Whetstone’s October 2011 Istanbul workshop, “Spreading the word of democracy and freedom.” The speech covers founding and running think tanks and more.
  • At about 30 minutes in, is back to 2014 Ron exploring Linda’s property I think. Lots of horses.

Lady Margaret Thatcher’s speech at the Golden Jubilee of the Foundation for Economic Education

First, here’s a short reflection 20 years later by Ron Manners:
It was my honour to join a small group of sponsors to bring Lady Margaret Thatcher to speak at the 50th Anniversary Dinner for the Foundation for Economic Education (Waldorf Astoria Hotel – New York City, April 11, 1996).

Lady Thatcher, fresh off the flight from London, traveled directly to the pre-dinner cocktails and stimulated our enthusiasm, even before her speech.

Later she then joined us for a post-dinner party where she was among the last to leave.

I remember being inspired by her intellect and stamina and thinking to myself, “Ron, make sure you are still in fine form when you too are 71 years of age.”

Next morning was seeing Dr. Hans F. Sennholz (President of FEE), being soundly criticized at the FEE Board meeting for inviting Thatcher (a conservative politician) who did not qualify as a hard-core Austrian style economist.

I defended Sennholz’s choice as it resulted in a sell-out audience bringing a reasonably sound message to a large number of new enthusiasts of the benefits of smaller, less intrusive government.

Ron Manners,
29th April, 2016

Video, 37 mins, never before digitised or transcribed:

Mr Chairman, Mr Buckley. Continue reading Lady Margaret Thatcher’s speech at the Golden Jubilee of the Foundation for Economic Education

Lighting Freedom’s Path: Leonard Read’s Foundation for Economic Education

Introduction by Ron Manners
So many senior Think Tank founders and executives credit Leonard E. Read, of the Foundation for Economic Education, as their inspiration and mentor.

This short 7 minute video outlines the reasoning and strategy behind Leonard Read’s formation of Fee in 1946. It is encouraging to see FEE still at the forefront of free-market intellectual thought, now 70 years later (in 2016). Their website is: fee.org.

Please enjoy this short video (which I have not seen digitised elsewhere yet).

Ron Manners,
29th April, 2016

“There is not enough darkness in the whole world to put out the light of one candle.”

Ron Manners sees union as a serious sport

Ron Manners, “Justice” column,
Free Market, November 1979, pp. 32-33.

Here’s an undercover recording of part of Ron’s court appearance discussed in this artice (this recording was marked on a cassette as “UNION CASE #2” so maybe there are additional clips on other cassettes):

May 2, 1979 in Kalgoorlie, started like any ordinary day. The phone at home rang at 4.00am. As the caller explained, “I know Kalgoorlie has 2 or 3 hours time difference on Sydney, not sure which way, so thought I would catch you before you go to lunch.”

Later at the office, two of our three girls were off sick and the remaining one, my secretary, was coping with their phone calls as well as aiding my departure to Perth, by lunchtime.

In walked a union heavy and demanded of my secretary, “I have come to inspect the books.” Continue reading Ron Manners sees union as a serious sport

Message from William Simon, author of A Time for Truth, to the Wake Up Australia Flight

I send my greetings to the “Wake Up Australia” flight.

And congratulations to Lang Hancock on his courageous efforts to “Wake Up Australia”. I believe the need is urgent and the hour is late.

I have little direct knowledge of Australia but from what Gina tells me, you share many of our problems. Continue reading Message from William Simon, author of A Time for Truth, to the Wake Up Australia Flight

Leonard Read’s 1978 seminar for his Australian friends

Ron’s audio recording:

[Ron’s intro, louder than Read’s speech:] I’m in Hong Kong on Thursday, September 7th. It’s Leonard Read accepting an invitation to speak to a group of Australian delegates to the Mont Pelerin Conference. And he’s going to talk mainly about the methods of introducing free enterprise / limited government concepts. Continue reading Leonard Read’s 1978 seminar for his Australian friends

Viv Forbes on Libertarian Strategy

Viv Forbes, “The Libertarian Movement in Australia,” a five minute address to a special meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in Hong Kong, September 7, 1978. Republished in Ron Manners’ Heroic Misadventures (West Perth, Australia: Mannwest Group, 2009), pp. 153-54.

AUDIO FILE FROM RON’S CASSETTE RECORDING, digitised on October 15, 2015:

In the short time available I’d like to emphasise just one message for libertarian politicians: THERE IS NO EASY WAY. Continue reading Viv Forbes on Libertarian Strategy