Ron Manners: Tax Rebel from the West (1977)


I’m sure everybody is going be very interested, because Ron doesn’t really believe in governments, from what I gather. Is this true Ron? Continue reading Ron Manners: Tax Rebel from the West (1977)

Taxation Is Theft

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The fundamental right of any individual is the right to life, sustained by freedom of choice, and the right to control the property he earns through his efforts or through voluntary exchange with other individuals. Any person has the right to defend, by force if necessary, his life, liberty and property. A man’s existence and what he has earned is not the property of others. Man is not a slave … he is not an animal to be sacrificed to the desires, whims or needs of other individuals. When the property of a man (his life, or that which sustains it) is taken from him by force, the action is known as THEFT. Continue reading Taxation Is Theft