Ron Turns 80! Videos, photos and more

Ron survives his 80th Birthday, January 8th, 2016!

Enjoyed by a small group of family and friends on a warm Perth Friday afternoon, at the Perth Mint.

The theme was FIVE! (You will have to watch video 2 of Ron’s speech to fully understand the “theme of five”.)

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Lady Margaret Thatcher’s speech at the Golden Jubilee of the Foundation for Economic Education

First, here’s a short reflection 20 years later by Ron Manners:
It was my honour to join a small group of sponsors to bring Lady Margaret Thatcher to speak at the 50th Anniversary Dinner for the Foundation for Economic Education (Waldorf Astoria Hotel – New York City, April 11, 1996).

Lady Thatcher, fresh off the flight from London, traveled directly to the pre-dinner cocktails and stimulated our enthusiasm, even before her speech.

Later she then joined us for a post-dinner party where she was among the last to leave.

I remember being inspired by her intellect and stamina and thinking to myself, “Ron, make sure you are still in fine form when you too are 71 years of age.”

Next morning was seeing Dr. Hans F. Sennholz (President of FEE), being soundly criticized at the FEE Board meeting for inviting Thatcher (a conservative politician) who did not qualify as a hard-core Austrian style economist.

I defended Sennholz’s choice as it resulted in a sell-out audience bringing a reasonably sound message to a large number of new enthusiasts of the benefits of smaller, less intrusive government.

Ron Manners,
29th April, 2016

Video, 37 mins, never before digitised or transcribed:

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Milton Friedman on 1975 Australian TV

Milton Friedman was brought to Australia in April, 1975, by Constable & Bain, members of the Sydney Stock Exchange. This was Professor Friedman’s first visit to Australia and was intended to heighten public awareness of the dangers of inflation and to point to possible cures consistent with the maintenance of individual liberty and free enterprise.

During his stay in Australia, Professor Friedman addressed gatherings in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, and held discussions with Reserve Bank and Treasury officials, government and opposition party members, business and academic leaders, as well as appearing on nationwide TV. Here is video and transcript of his hour-long TV appearance, broadcast on April 14, 1975, thanks to a recording from Ron Manners’ library.


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