Leon Louw interviewed by Mannkal scholar Jerome Leray

Leon Louw in conversation with Jerome Leray at the World Conference on Market Liberalization, Bali, Indonesia, June 29-July 3, 2015.

  • First 10 minutes is about inequality, poverty and Thomas Piketty.
  • Then for six minutes about catastrophism, the rustle in the grass hypothesis, Paul Ehrlich, global warming, climate change and big government. Also ridicules Piketty further.
  • At 16 minutes talks about Leon Louw’s gradual seven year journey to libertarianism and his concern for the poor.
  • At 23 minutes Leray asks what advice Louw would give Louw’s 20-year-old self.
  • At 25 minutes Leray asks what Louw would recommend young scholars explore: the internet, cryptocurrencies, etc. He recommends young people do public speaking, networking, join civil societies, even join trade unions. Criticise government policies by saying that they will be counterproductive. Be nice.
  • Best way to contact Leon Louw: through the The Free Market Foundation website, which has many resources for free-marketeers. Aerial bombardment and trench warfare are strategies used by the Free Market Foundation.

Andrew Humphries – Lighting the World

Andrew Humphries talks with Ron Manners at the World Conference on Market Liberalization, Bali, Indonesia, June 29-July 3, 2015.

Here’s Leonard E. Read’s How to Advance Liberty, which Humphries gives a big plug to in his conversation with Ron:

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Other formats for How to Advance Liberty:

Budapest Panel at 2015 Free Market Roadshow

Hungary & Australia, learning from each other

  • Democracy is meant to be choosing someone you trust to be a good person, not someone you trust to give you special privileges.
  • Australia can learn from flat tax.
  • Welfare and unemployment are growth areas in Australia.
  • Impressed with Barbara Kolm’s roadshow, but what can we as citizens do?
  • Our politicians don’t understand economics.
  • We can’t predict which Party a good politician will be a member of.
  • Plug for Mannkal’s Project Western Australia.
  • Be ready to fire intellectual bullets whenever you have the opportunity.